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Introducing The Tekkit Post!

This is the latest edition of the website that will allow you to post about music and just about anything you want. Just keep things respectful. We are excited about all future posts to start making their way here to our site.

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Fox Aurora has dropped his latest single "Closed Doors"!

As of January 12th, Fox Aurora has dropped his first single with Tekkit Records! If you want to hear the fantastic and personal Alt Rock track from the artist, what are you waiting for? Go stream the song now by clicking on the Banner for more!

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Tekkit's Latest - Get the latest news about the Label

In this Edition of the magazine, We have the most reviews by our founder CJ Orvin. But we also feature the latest music from artists like Handel and Lowkeybaitsss. Read more now.

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White Boy Rick Has a New Verison of Suburban Paradise OUT!

White Boy Rick released the original version of "Suburban Paradise" back in 2020. Three years later, White Boy Rick makes the version of the track he originally wanted to make as he has become a far better artist then he was back then. So go check out the latest release by clicking on the banner!


Tekkit Records Founder, viXil has dropped his latest track with Jabez Z "Still Alive".

CJ Orvin aka viXil has dropped his latest Single with the underground rapper, Jabez Z! This track is viXil talking about everything he has been through and how he is ultimately, as the song's name would say, Still Alive.


Jae Markwick's Latest Single "Butterfly Kisses" is OUT!

As of October 20th, 2023, Jae Markwick has dropped his first Single with Tekkit Records! It's the Pop Rap track of the Australian Summer! So what are you waiting for? Click on the banner and check it out!

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