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Happy Pride Month!

June is here and with that comes Pride Month! We are super excited to show our support for the LGBTQ+ Community. Pride is something that is a very huge and important part of who we are and what we stand for not just a record label, but as people.

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For The Second Month in a Row, White Boy Rick is back With "Fuck Your Religion"

As of May 31st, White Boy Rick has dropped his latest single "Fuck Your Religion". A track that talks about the hypocrisy within organized religion that is unescapable. So do yourself a favor and go stream the song now by clicking on the Banner for more!

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Keeping On That Grind, Jae Markwick Has Dropped Again

Jae Markwick has had many releases this year already and isn't close to being done! The track "i love myself" a smooth track that is another great Pop Rap track from the one, the only, Jae Markwick. So go check out the latest release by clicking on the banner!


The Founder, viXil Has Come Back With Shapeless - an Instrumental Track

In the year of 2024, viXil dropped his latest track called "Shapeless". This single is truly interesting as it is solely an instrumental track. This track should have you all on the lookout for what he is working on as 2024 could very well be a year for viXil to hit hard. So go stream the track now by clicking the banner.


Introducing The Tekkit Post!

This is the latest edition of the website that will allow you to post about music and just about anything you want. Just keep things respectful. We are excited about all future posts to start making their way here to our site.

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