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Founder of Tekkit Records


Hip-Hop/Ambient Frenchhouse

Artist Age

Date of Birth:

October 8th, 2002

Years Active

2019 - Present

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Who is viXil

viXil is an artist from Saint George, Utah. He is the founder of Tekkit Records. His biggest dream was to give everyone who truly wants it, an opportunity to have their voice heard. He is a singer/rapper/songwriter/producer. He grew up playing the piano for 13 years. Music is and always will be his passion.


First Love - Single
Feb 9th, 2019

Iamvixil - EP
Nov 16th, 2019

Let It Go - Single
Nov 25th, 2019

Change - Single
Jan 20th, 2020

Nameless - Single
Feb 20th, 2020

Acting in Past Tense - Album
Mar 20th, 2020

Nobody - Single
Mar 29th, 2020

Comeback - EP
May 16th, 2020

First Love (RMST) - Single
Jun 25th, 2020

Drive - Single
Oct 20th, 2020

Moment of Truth - Single
Oct 27th, 2020

Lullaby of a Dying Universe - Single
Dec 13th, 2020

KM.exe - Single
Dec 27th, 2020

April 7th, 2021

Runaway With Me - Single
Sep 27th, 2022

I Don't Like You - Single
Sep 30th, 2022

Project File - Single
Oct 7th, 2022

Thinking - Single
Dec 31th, 2022

Fine - Single
Mar 31th, 2023


Still Alive Feat. Jabez Z - Single
Oct 8th, 2023

First Love (feat. White Boy Rick), released in February 9th 2019, is viXil's debut single. The seed that planted viXil's music career.

IamviXil, released on November 16th 2019, is an EP that begins the saga of IamviXil Part 1 - 3

Let It Go, released on November 25th, 2019, was a single that changed directions of viXil's sound going forward, experimenting with rap and frenchhouse fusions; creating, Ambient Frenchhouse

Change (featuring Hailen), Released on November 2020th, was a single that continued as a marking song for viXil's March 2020 release, Acting in past tense. Emotional and ambient sounds mixed with rap.

Nameless (featuring Guilty Addictions), released February 20th, is a single marking the 3rd single of its placed album "acting in past tense"

Fusions of rap and french house, mixed with ambient, melodic sounds.

Acting in Past Tense, released March 20th, 2020, is an 8 track concept album. Due to personal involvement in the writing of the album, viXil wanted no profit from it, therefore; he only uploaded it to soundcloud.

Nobody (featuring OldSoul), released March 29th, 2020, is a single that includes ambient vocals and a gritty, grimy piano beat. It marks as the 4th and final track off of the May 16th release "Comeback"

Comeback, released May 16th, 2020, is a 4 track EP conisisting of more upbeat tones. Using ambient frenchhouse mixed with a bit more lyrical rap from features such as Hailen, Jabez Z and OldSoul. 

To mark the anniversary of viXil's debut single "First Love," viXil and White Boy Rick teamed up to remaster this song. Not only that but to appreciate the time that's passed and the achievements made.

Drive, Released on October 20th, is a single that viXil recorded after being inspired while getting his licence. It uses Melodic rap and guitar type beats. It became the 5th track of viXil's 2021 release "REFRESH"

Released on October 27th, 2020; Moment of Truth and Idk are two singles that viXil made over quarantine. Both using Melodic singing and autotuned sounds. Moment of Truth is a melodic vocal song that features MALIK, according to Just fame, "Albeit Moment of Truth has an exquisite vibe with mellow beats and alluring vocals."

lullaby of a dying universe (featuring Iriasona), released December 13th, 2020, is a drumless single that features ambient vocals and electronic sounds mixed with orchestrals. Giving an outer space vibe.

KM.exe, released December 27th, 2020, is a single that became the 8th track off of the "REFRESH" album. Featuring melodic rap vocals and an ambient vocal sample. A very emotional song.

REFRESH, released April 7th, 2021, is an album that viXIl made over quarantine, putting together songs that he made 1 by 1. This album is very diverse. It mixes melodics with ambient frenchhouse and lyrical rap. Played over 7 radio stations. This album went the furthest before viXil went into hiatus.

Runaway With Me, Released September 27th, 2022, is a single that was dedicated to his new fiance. Marking a new chapter in his life. It uses orchestrals mixed with ambient vocals. 

I Don't Like You (featuring Diizii), is single that truly marked viXil's return. Ambient vocals mixed with electronic sounds and melodic rap. A truly wanted comeback with the help of Diizii 

Project File, Released October 7th, 2020, is a single that viXil released as an intro to upcoming project. Information remains disclosed.

Released on New Years Eve, 2022; Thinking (featuring Nyo) is a single that features incredible lyrical work and ambient vocals. Emotional building in tension.

Fine, released March 31st, 2023, is a single that marks a new era of viXil. Part of IamviXil part 2. Ambient vocals and electronics that fuse ambient frenchhouse and melodic rap.

Still Alive (featuring Jabez Z), coming August 7th, 2023.

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